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GF-Power Consultant and Engineers

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The company GF POWER CONSULTANT AND ENGINEERS is an Austrian based company and works in the field of power generation with reciprocating engines and renewable energy in different fields.

GF POWER CONSULTANT AND ENGINEERS dedicated team of high experienced engineers covers all activities for a successful project such as project management, engineering, process control system, installation, start up, commissioning, after sales service and customer training.

The company's mission – is a deep analysis of the needs of customers, knowledge of innovative and high technology in order to offer customers a solution allowing increasing energy efficiency of production and providing a solid base for economic development and competitiveness.

The company has fundamental experiences in all kind of industries in order to provide qualitative analysis of the current situations and implement the most ambitious projects. The priority when making decisions is, to increase reliability, security and economic impact of new technologies.

We consider the production, as a living organism with a complex of interrelated processes, which is under the influence of a number of external factors. Our task is to modify and adjust processes so that they fit seamlessly into this body and bring the maximum benefit with minimal complexity.

We are actively in contact with reputable European institutions and leading companies to keep abreast of advanced technology and be able to offer our clients the most cost-effective solution.

Close contact with partner organizations, engineers and professionals holding the technological level on the maximum by keeping investment costs in an economic ratio.

These are the principles of GF POWER CONSULTANT AND ENGINEERS.

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  • Quality Management

    GF Power Consultant and Engineers and its sub-suppliers is working according to ISO 9001.

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